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The Survivors

Welcome to the opening of The Survivors art exhibition on Friday 15th of April at 16.30 at the Atrium The Hague City Hall (Spui 70, The Hague), where my latest painting ‘Tumbleweed’ is exposed.
During the opening I’ll be performing the Live Drawing together with the Syrian music band. The performance starts at 17.15.
The Survivors art exhibition, organised by The Hague Peace Projects, will challenge and confront a large and varied public to consider the daily reality of the lives of Syrian refugees. 16 artists get the assignment to react on the drawings of a Syrian boy of 11 years old, Taim Safar, by making their own, new work. It shows that something as simple as a drawing of a child can lead to such a unique and innovative art project.

Please, support the crowdfunding campaign of this project (till April 6).

Place: Atrium City Hall, Spui 70, The Hague
Opening: April 15, 16:30
End: May 4

For more information check The Survivors art exhibition and The Survivors event in Facebook.

Profile Picture_FBTumbleweed, oil on linen, 100x100 cm

Oil Painting Painting

Acute Insight

‘Acute Insight’
Oil painting on canvas, di 50 cm.

Acute Insight. Oil on canvas, di 50cm.

Acrilyc Exhibitions Painting

ArtEZ Arnhem Alumni Fine Art exhibition

During the Art Arnhem Alumni 2015 exhibition two paintings and one installation of mine will be presented at Stadhuis Arnhem (Koningstraat 38, Arnhem) October 30th till November 1st.
Opening is on Friday October 30th at 6 pm.
I’ll be there on opening night and on Sunday November the 1st.
The Art Arnhem on Facebook

Art works at Art Arnhem Alumni

Exhibitions Painting

Last day of One day group expo in Delft

These paintings and other art works (silk scarves and hand printed bags) will be presented on Saturday September 26 from 11am – 4pm during the prolonged exhibition at Atelier Art in Colour​ near Delft (Dijkshoornseweg 43, 2635 EK Den Hoorn). This is the last day of exposition after successful shows on 12th and 20th of September.
Welcome! I’ll be there after 12am.

Here is a link to a Facebook event.



The ‘Meeting’
Oil painting on linen, 70×70 cm

Meeting. Oil on linen, 70x70 cm


Light Shift

The ‘Light Shift’.
Oil painting on linen, 60×60 cm

Light Shifting. Oil on linen, 60x60 cm



The ‘Heritage’.
Oil painting on canvas.
100×100 cm

Heritage. Oil on canvas. 100×100 cm



The ‘Statement’.
Oil painting on linen, 60×40 cm

Statement. Oil on linen, 60x40 cm

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Winter exhibition at Art Gallery O-68

These two paintings of mine will be on display at Art Gallery O-68 during the Winter Exhibition, which start with the Christmas reception on Sunday 21st of December 3pm-5pm.

Oil Paintings at Art Gallery O-68

From December 22 till January 23 the gallery is open by appointment only.

Art Gallery O-68
Oranjestraat 68
6881 SG Velp, GLD, Nederland
T: 026 3639222, M: 06 12594329

Exhibitions Painting Performance

Finissage of ‘ZERKALO: Reflection on expanding spaces’

On Sunday 5th of October 3pm-5pm will be the finissage of my exhibition ‘ZERKALO: Reflection on expanding spaces’ at Art Gallery O-68, where 28 paintings of mine are currently on display. After the successful opening I’m going to perform again Live Drawing with Live Electroacoustic Music by musician Sharon Stewart at 3.30.
The finissage of ‘ZERKALO’ on Facebook
My paintings will be exposed till 24th of October, but after the finissage the gallery will be open only by appointment.

Art Gallery O-68
Oranjestraat, 68
6881 SG Velp, GLD, Nederland
T: 026 3639222, M: 06 12594329