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Moon Gallery to ISS


My artwork “Vanishing Point” as a part of the Moon Gallery flies to the International Space Station aboard the NG-17 rocket on 19 February of 2022, from Wallops Island Virginia. This edition of the Moon gallery 8×8 grid features 1 cm3 cells housing 64 physical artifacts and one engraved AR artwork. The art projects featured in the gallery will reach the final frontier of human habitat and mark the historical meeting point of the Moon Gallery and the cosmos.

The launch is scheduled for 12:39 EST, 17:39 UTC.
Check the official NASA website for live streaming of the launch.

The Moon Gallery installation will remain at the ISS till the end of the 2022.

My project “Vanishing point” is about the fundamental concept of perspective representation. As a part of the Moon Gallery the “Vanishing Point” represents in Space the essence of human spatial perception: at the ISS, reaching low Earth orbit, and eventually at the Moon surface.

Acrilyc Exhibitions Gallery Oil Painting Painting

Exhibition at Onze Ambassade

Last three days to visit my exhibition at Onze Ambassade (Former American Embassy), where all my paintings, including very new ones, are exposed.

Also available during Hoogtij on Friday September 25th.

By appointment only.

Lange Voorhout 102, 2514 EJ The Hague

Reserve your visit before Sunday September 27 via contact form.


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Spatial Exploration Through Line

Welcome to the opening of my murals on Friday February 28 at 6 pm at the Arcade Contemporary Art Projects gallery, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Live digital drawing with live jazz music at 7 pm.

Alexandra Arshanskaya’s study reconditions the venerable interior storefront window cases of the Historic Arcade Building as the home for her considerations of the concept of spatial perception as closely associated with time, manifest as murals. She explores the space as movement in time. To give shape to this aspect of “experienced” space, Alexandra expands her art practice with live performances. Live music broadens the experience of space and time for the audience. Picture, sound and space together become one single act.

Spatial Exploration Through Line

Concert Drawing Exhibitions Gallery Oil Painting Painting Performance Video Art


Welcome to the live performance Elementals: Minimalists Music and Abstract Art!Elementals performance


On Saturday, November the 30th at 17:00


Guy Livingston, piano

Alexandra Arshanskaya, visuals

Location: Onze Ambassade (Former US Embassy)
102 Lange Voorhout, 2514 EJ, The Hague

studio 367 Performance

studio 364 Exhibition

Doors open at 16.30


Guy will play music of John Cage, Simeon ten Holt, Nils Frahm, and John Adams.
Alexandra will perform live painting: water colors drawing on paper and digital art projection.

Afterwards, you are welcome to see the exhibition of Alexandra’s paintings.

We will offer drinks and snacks.
Donations to the artists are very welcome.

RSVP: please let us know in advance so that you can be included in the guest list.

Exhibitions Gallery Oil Painting Painting Performance

Reflected Spaces at EPO

Welcome to my solo exhibition “Reflected Spaces” at EPO (European Patent Office)! Vanishing Point, poster for the Moon Gallery Poster

The opening is on Friday October 4th at noon at Patentlaan 2, Rijswijk.
During the opening I will perform twice live drawing with alongside a spatialized soundscape, including live sonic elements, by musician Sharon Stewart (
  • 12:15 digital performance
  • 13:15 analogue performance
Drawing Exhibitions Gallery Oil Painting Painting Performance

Open Studio during Onze Ambassade Festival

Come tomorrow September 8 for my Open Studio at Onze Ambassade during Onze Ambassade Festival curated by gallery West! I’ll give a tour and perform live painting on silk at 12.00, 14.15 and 16.30. The guests will be pick up at the

Onze Ambassade Festival

Info Point at the entrance and guided to my studio. Welcome!

Onze Ambassade
Lange Voorhout 102
2514 EJ The Hague

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Acrilyc Drawing Exhibitions Gallery Oil Painting Painting

Farewell Art Studio

Welcome to the Farewell of my Art Studio at Mauritskade 35 in The Hague on Sunday November 25th 12.00 – 16.00. At 13.00, 14.00, and 15.00 I will be giving tours around my studio.

I will appreciate if you confirm your attendance and let me know what time approximately I can expect you.

Exhibitions Gallery Oil Painting Painting

Open Studio

On Sunday October 14th 12.00 – 18.00 I will host an Open Studio.

You are welcome to visit my current studio at Mauritskade in The Hague.

Please, let me know in advance (via contact form) if you are going to visit the Open Studio and what time approximately.

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ARC Forum

Performance and presentation of art research project

On Monday September 3 at 19:00, I will be presenting my art research project about spatial perception and perform live Drawing ‘Reflection on Expanding Spaces’ during the second ARC (art_research_convergence) forum which will take place at The Grey Space in the Middle in The Hague (Paviljoensgracht 20). Besides the performance there will be on display the CUBUS Installation and oil painting the ‘Vanishing point’.

ARC is a new platform for the artistic-academic discourse in the Netherlands and is an initiative of the Leiden University Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA).
‘Reflection on Expanding Spaces’ is ongoing project by visual artist Alexandra Arhanskaya and musician Sharon Stewart.

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Poster ARC 03-09

Gallery Painting

Intertwined Realities. Reflections.

‘Intertwined Realities’. Sixteen oil paintings ‘Reflections’ on canvases, 40x40x3 cm each.
This project began with the moment when daylight reflected off the glass of a window, creating an entangled image where the internal and the external meet. Working with these complex patterns creates an image with both a flat surface and hints of depth and space behind, where inner and outer worlds mingle together.