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Spatial Exploration Through Line

Welcome to the opening of my murals on Friday February 28 at 6 pm at the Arcade Contemporary Art Projects gallery, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Live digital drawing with live jazz music at 7 pm.

Alexandra Arshanskaya’s study reconditions the venerable interior storefront window cases of the Historic Arcade Building as the home for her considerations of the concept of spatial perception as closely associated with time, manifest as murals. She explores the space as movement in time. To give shape to this aspect of “experienced” space, Alexandra expands her art practice with live performances. Live music broadens the experience of space and time for the audience. Picture, sound and space together become one single act.

Spatial Exploration Through Line

Exhibitions Oil Painting Performance Video Art

Elementals for the Moon

Welcome to the live performance Elementals: Visual Art & Music for the Moon

as a part of the Moon Embassy event

On Saturday, December the 14th at 16:30


Guy Livingston, piano

Alexandra Arshanskaya, visuals

Location: Onze Ambassade (Former US Embassy)
102 Lange Voorhout, 2514 EJ, The Hague

studio 367 Performance
studio 364 Exhibition

Guy will play music of Philip Miller, John Cage and Simeon ten Holt.

Alexandra will perform live painting (water colors drawing on paper and digital art projection).

Alexandra’s paintings will also be on display.

RSVP: please confirm your attendance via contact form or at the ELEMENTALS for the MOON event in Facebook so that you can be included in the guest list.

Guests will be welcomed at 16.00 at the reception.

Moon Embassy event program:

16:00 – guests arrival, solar & terrestrial viewing;

16:30 – live sound & visual performance ELEMENTALS by Guy Livingston & Alexandra Arshanskaya;

17:00 – ArtMoonMars MoonGallery talks & workshop;

18:00 – Moon Gallery exhibition, drinks & telescopes;

20:00 – Telecon with EMMIHS crew & official Moon Gallery demonstrator opening at the Moon analog & simulation base HI-SEAS, Hawaii.

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Welcome to the live performance Elementals: Minimalists Music and Abstract Art!Elementals performance


On Saturday, November the 30th at 17:00


Guy Livingston, piano

Alexandra Arshanskaya, visuals

Location: Onze Ambassade (Former US Embassy)
102 Lange Voorhout, 2514 EJ, The Hague

studio 367 Performance

studio 364 Exhibition

Doors open at 16.30


Guy will play music of John Cage, Simeon ten Holt, Nils Frahm, and John Adams.
Alexandra will perform live painting: water colors drawing on paper and digital art projection.

Afterwards, you are welcome to see the exhibition of Alexandra’s paintings.

We will offer drinks and snacks.
Donations to the artists are very welcome.

RSVP: please let us know in advance so that you can be included in the guest list.

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Art and International Justice: exhibition and performance

These two brand new paintings, another two paintings and 33 prints (etchings and dry needle) will be exposed at the Asser Institute (R.J. Schimmelpennincklaan 20-22, 2517 JN, The Hague) from October 16th.

Welcome to the opening event with lectures, discussions and performances on Wednesday October 16th at 17.15.

At 19.15 I’ll be performing digital live drawing alongside with a harp music by Daniëlle Uriël. Welcome!

In this event, lawyers, artists, musicians and architects explore the relationship between art and international justice from different angles: sounds, design and visuals. You are invite for an (ex)change of perspectives and open a dialogue about the mutual interests of these different disciplines.

Please, find full program, more information about the event and register here


Dragonfly. Oil on canvas, 50x50cm. Fly. Oil on canvas, 50×50 cm.

Animation Concert Drawing Performance Video Art

Marco Santos & Friends

On Saturday September 29th at 20.00 I will perform live digital drawings at the venue ‘Paard’ in The Hague during ‘Dualities’, the first set of MARCO SANTOS & FRIENDS 5: UNITED music festival.

Facebook event in Paard

The same program will be presented at event in Podium Grounds in Rotterdam on Friday October 5th at 20.30.

It will be fun! Welcome!


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ARC Forum

Performance and presentation of art research project

On Monday September 3 at 19:00, I will be presenting my art research project about spatial perception and perform live Drawing ‘Reflection on Expanding Spaces’ during the second ARC (art_research_convergence) forum which will take place at The Grey Space in the Middle in The Hague (Paviljoensgracht 20). Besides the performance there will be on display the CUBUS Installation and oil painting the ‘Vanishing point’.

ARC is a new platform for the artistic-academic discourse in the Netherlands and is an initiative of the Leiden University Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA).
‘Reflection on Expanding Spaces’ is ongoing project by visual artist Alexandra Arhanskaya and musician Sharon Stewart.

Event in Facebook

Poster ARC 03-09

Drawing Performance Video Art

Video Art ‘Waiting for Godot’

В среду 13 декабря в 19.00 на сцене Музея Эрарта (Санкт-Петербург, 29-я линия В.О., 2) будет показано моё новое видео, сделанной специально для танцевальной постановки Ксении Михеевой “В ожидании Годо” по одноимённой пьесе Сэмюэля Беккета. Это будет одна из трёх премьер Дома Танца “Каннон Данс”.

On Wednesday December 13 at 7pm on a stage of the Erarta Museum (2, 29th Line Of Vasilievsky Ostrov St. Petersburg, Russia) my new video will be shown during the dance premiere by Kseniya Mixeeva ‘Waiting for Godot’ (inspired by Samuel Beckett’s famous play).

Билеты / tickets:
Kannon Dance House in Facebook
Встреча вКонтакте

Performance Video Art

Live Drawing for Vortex by Inedits

On Thursday November 5 at 8.30 pm at Korzo Theatre (Prinsestraat 42, The Hague) I’ll be performing Live Drawings at Nuno Torres Marques CD presentation of a new album ‘Vortex’ by INEDITS.
Performance Video Art

Colourful Identities performance

In April 2015 Colourful Identities were performed three times in Berlin and was followed by exhibitions of my paintings. In the performance Colourful Identities both art forms meet: the music of songwriter and composer Suzy Bartelt and my live visuals (analog and digital animated drawings).
Music is colour, colour is music: loud red, tender blue, hissing orange, sparkling melodies, round or sharp sounds. The energy of colour affects us more intensely than we consciously realise. In music “rhythms and sounds touch our souls at the deepest and shake it most powerfully” (Plato). Is it possible to use different colours and shapes, to let different facets and identities of an ego stand side by side? When am I “myself”? Is it okay to show many different “I’s“? What is the effect on outsiders when I show different “I’s” in my social interaction?
First time we performed in “Loophole” (Berlin Neukölln) and the performance was accompanied only by digital animated drawings.
For the second performance in “Hannes Café” (Berlin Gatow) I made only real drawings: one drawing for each song.
The final performance was at Oranienwerk (Oranienburg, near Berlin) and I create both analog and digital visuals as for Sonnige Silberne Freiheit .
Here is a Colourful Identities trailer where you can see three songs of ten in total.

vocals/composition/guitar: Suzy Bartelt (DE) –
live visuals: Alexandra Arshanskaya (RU/NL) –
guitar: Matt Baldwin (DE/UK), saxophone/accordion: Mareike Schinzel(DE), percussion: Tom Dayan (DE/IL)
To be continued…
Performance Video Art

Video Art “Tree” for a Dance Performance “Attraction” in Black Box on 31.05.2014

On Saturday 31st of May 2014 at 8 p.m. at the Theatre BlackBox (Kazanskaya street, 7, Saint-Petersburg, Russia) my video “Tree” will be shown again during dance performance “Prityazhenie” (“Attraction”) made by OKNO Dance Project .
At the second part of the evening there will be a dance performance “Tumbleweed”.

В субботу 31 мая в 20:00 в Театре BlackBox (Казанская 7, Санкт-Петербург) будет снова показано моё видео “Дерево” во время танцевального перформанса «ПРИТЯЖЕНИЕ», проект современного танца OKNO Dance Project.
Во втором отделение можно будет увидеть танцевальный перформанс “Перекати-Поле”.

Teaser of Performance “Attraction”
О перформансе “Притяжение”
OKNO Dance Project in Facebook
Встреча вКонтакте

Tree for dance